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"The future success of business lies in its capacity to become an adaptive 

force that respects the ecology of the global world systems."

 Kim Elman

About us


Our services range from strategic and tactical business design and advice, custom-designed corporate trainings, executive coaching, leadership development and mentoring to short, intense interventions and specialty assignments such as undercover field intelligence operations.

The form is decided by our clients needs and wants together with our expertise in designing the right measure for the right result.

Our methods are designed to build the capacities and skills requested by the client at an experiential level first and foremost, and only after the skill(s) or new patterns of operation can be demonstrated live, will the learning be raised to a conscious level - this is based on the premise that you can not have a competent understanding, until you first have a competent doing.

All of our work is based on first establishing a starting point organized around what's working. From this position the system [individual, organization] is able to notice for what's possible and becomes open to identify, create and incorporate new information - a prerequisite to continued learning, innovation, development and efficiency.

When this basic operating position has been established we continue by building out the process through which this can be maintained while at the same time establishing the necessary feedback and feedforward loops that allows the system to continually be sensitive to what emerges in the operating context. Doing this it becomes possible to adjust and re-evaluate judgements, decisions and actions in real-time, as well as updating what the outcome is and how to get there. The result is an extraordinary resiliency and adaptability in the system - the basis for extraordinary results.

With the above process design implemented we then focus our attention on building the specific functional skills that are necessary to reach the outcome(s) intended. In case these functional skills are related to areas of our expertise this will be delivered by us on a content level, in any other case the process-orienting function can be maintained by us.

To request for offer, case-studies or discuss other inquiries please contact us.